It’s nice to meet you!


I love cooking. It is the essence of what we do.


I love to create new flavors in the kitchen, and then share them with my friends and family.


Consume, learn, photograph, eat, do all the things.

Learn With Me

Food to me is more than just sustenance. It is about the act of cooking and making something that tastes good and is going to make me happy and make people feel good. Food starts and ends with family for me. I grew up in the kitchen learning from my parents/grandparents.  I make homemade baby food for my daughter and can’t wait to teach her how to make great food for people.

I do love cooking to make healthy food but smetimes I have to splurge and make something that wouldn’t fall under the healthy category. I hope that this website can be a place for people to learn great recipes and also share! I am always looking for new recipes and techniques in the kitchen!

Let’s take a journey together.